Callaway High Performance Par-Tee 4 Pack

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Callaway Golf Par-Tee Performance Tees

Imagine using the same lucky golf tee all season long. When using the Callaway Golf Par-Tee Performance Tees, you'll be able to do just that (the luck though, is all on you)!

These virtually unbreakable tees come in red, blue, green and black.

They create a low spin launch to help your distance. The tee tip is sharpened to make for easy insertion and groove cleaning.

Save on tees and time when you purchase these

The Callaway Par-Tee offers an innovative co-molded construction with a durable plastic base and rubberized head. The unique "cupped" head and stiff, sharpened tip makes teeing up the ball extremely easy, even with hardened tee boxes. At 3 1/4" in length, the Par-Tee is compatible with larger 460cc driver head-sizes and is designed to deliver a low spin launch for added distance. Virtually unbreakable, one Par-Tee can last many rounds. Also conveniently doubles as a groove cleaner and divot repair tool, to eliminate clutter in your pocket.