Infree Sports Cooling Towel

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Infree Sports Cooling Towel

Great Tools to you for on your Training / Sport’s way

Infree cooling towels are the fastest and most effective way to cool down without getting wet quickly .

These towels have become a necessary tool in allowing them to reach their optimal performance!

Suitable and perfect size around your neck as a scarf, headband or bandage and it can fold into a small, portable pouch.

Multi-colour : Blue, Purple, Green, Black. Fashion and nice to handle for both female and male, adults and children.
Fits for many kinds of activities: running, trekking, camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, racing, bowling, yoga, golf, fitness, landscaping gardening, mowing the lawn, fishing, swimming, basketball, football, rugby, softball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, boxing, traveling climbing, cheerleading, weightlifting, rowing, hunting, shooting, beach, etc.

This cooling towel works wonderfully. It cools you down instantly. It won't get your clothes wet while being on neck. It's very easy to activate. It can be used all summer when you exercise..