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  • I t’s no wonder the name “Big Bertha” gives rise to visions of the golf ball flying down the fairway. The Callaway Big Bertha Iron was named after the Big Bertha Howitzer Cannon of WWII fame. As its namesake, the Big Bertha Golf Iron is designed for one purpose, to deliver the golf shot where it needs to be. Callaway designed an innovative technology; the “360-degree undercut channel”, and used it to improve its Big Bertha golf irons. This unique design maximizes the outer weight of the head and moves the center of gravity farther back and lower. This change enlarges the club’s hitting area and also stabilizes the club’s head. The result is straighter flying shots and greater control. The Big Bertha steel club offers greater forgiveness than its predecessors, due to the notch-weighting type of design. This difference in weight distribution creates a higher MOI (moment of inertia) and increased stability. Paired with the right graphite shaft, the golfer can expect less loss of distance on an off-center hit and a unique method to maximize every swing. Callaway has built three of its patented technologies into the Big Bertha Iron. These technologies include the S2H2, the Tru-Bore and the VFT. The combination of these unique designs improves efficiency and feel, while significantly enhancing forgiveness. Callaway applied the variable-face-thickness design to the Big Bertha Iron. This technology comes into play during the casting process of the steel club heads. The irons are cast with less material in the face area of the golf clubs thereby increasing outer weight. Golfers who play the game with Big Bertha Irons feel this technology leads to overall good forgiveness. A good game of golf requires the right alignment with golf balls at the tee. Callaway has sandblasted the face of the Big Bertha Irons and painted score-lines to assist in providing ideal alignment. The “constant-width sole,” of the Big Bertha golf club was designed to reduce digging on difficult shots with uneven turf. The “constant-width sole,” allows the club to move easily and smoothly in the rough or on the fairway. Callaway has poured technology into the Big Bertha, from graphite shaft to steel head, each and every inch of the golf club has been improved or redesigned. Callaway Golf is known for the excellent quality and superior equipment it produces. As with the Big Bertha, all of the company’s equipment is manufactured to exacting standards. The company offers a full line of drivers, putters, wedges and irons for men and women. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in California, the company is now a worldwide organization. Callaway’s development of the innovative Big Bertha in 1991 set the stage for game changing advancements in the world of golf.