Mens Callaway Mack Daddy 3 S Grind 56 Deg Wedge Pre Hit

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Roger Cleveland is back at it, bringing us the next line of performance scoring wedges; the Callaway MD3 Milled Series. Take your wedge game to the next level with the MD3 Series.
The Callaway MD3 Milled Series offers extensive options to benefit almost all golfers.
The series includes three distinctive grinds that are designed to perform better based your swing type and playing characteristics. In Addition to distinct grinds, the MD3 Milled Series offers a progressive groove pattern. There are three groove types that are specifically designed for each wedge; in utilizing a progressive design, your grooves will be the right shape and offer you more consistency between all of your scoring irons. These wedges are also produced in two distinct finishes; Chrome and Matte Black.Progressive Groove OptimizationIn an effort to make us more consistent these wedges have a progressive groove design. The 30V grooves are on your pitching and gap wedges (46°-52°), the 20V grooves are on the Sand Wedges (54°-56°) and the 5V grooves are on your Lob Wedges (58°-60°). These grooves start wide and tighten up as your progress to high lofts.
The C GrindAs defined by Callaway, the S Grind is the most versatile of the grinds. It’s kind of like a “meets all requirements” for great play. It will benefit most golfers, in most situations; if you are not sure on the grind you think you need this is the one to go with.