Mens Cleveland CG10 54 Deg Wedge

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Mens Cleveland CG10 54 Deg Wedge Pre Hit


The CG10 wedge has been widely hailed as the best feeling wedge Cleveland Golf has ever built. And that’s saying something. The feel is unmistakable. In blind tests on tours worldwide, the CG10 wedge was overwhelmingly preferred for its soft, pure feel and was easily distinguished from other wedges. Even the sound at impact is sufficiently different from other wedges, adding to the distinct feel of the CMM metal. Extensive player and robot testing has shown that, while the CG10 wedge produced similar spin to other Cleveland wedges with soft cover tour balls, it dramatically increased spin on hard cover distance balls. This translates into consistency for the low-handicapped player, and added performance for those seeking spin from a distance ball.

With its light density properties, CMM metal affords Cleveland Golf club designers an unprecedented degree of design freedom. This freedom enabled the Cleveland design team to create a wedge that, while classic in appearance, has subtle design refinements that add to the unprecedented performance of the CG10 wedge. Although overall head weights are comparable to past Cleveland wedge series, the CG10 wedge features more weight positioned within critical areas to improve feel and performance without sacrificing traditional shape. Weight has also been moved to high stress areas, further improving feel, even on miss-hits.

Ultimately, more mass has been placed directly behind the impact area and lower in the head thus giving the CG10 wedge a solid, "muscle-back" appearance.