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Mens MD Golf Superstrong STR15 24 Deg Hybrid Pre Hit

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Mens MD Golf Superstrong STR15 21 Deg Hybrid

The new 2015 Superstrong range now comes with a Tour-proven Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage shaft, similar to that featured on Nikes Covert drivers. MD Golf has also reduced the curvature of the face to help alignment while the overall look has been improved with the use of a polished PVD finish to give better definition at address.

“2015 is definitely our most exciting range to date,” insists Michael Morton, managing director for MD Golf. “We have introduced the second generation Kuro Kage shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon and have re-styled all the head shapes. On top of this we have employed a new design company and I think the cosmetics are sharper than ever.