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Mens MiOne Driver Pre Hit

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The MiOne Driver is the longest, straightest driver we've ever produced.

It has been designed to fit all types of players across the spectrum of handicaps.

The size of the driver pushes the USGA volume to the limit at 460cc's of power.

It packs a powerful punch capable of ballistic drives whilst maintaining accuracy.

The MiOne driver conforms to USGA and R&A equipment standards and is valid for competition use.

The large, 460cc titanium head produces a higher moment of inertia for greater forgiveness and consistency.

Discretionary weight is repositioned inside the head to optimise the centre of gravity location for higher launch and lower spin.


  • All new white club head
  • Large 460cc Titanium club head
  • Oversized sweet spot allows for maximum forgiveness and distance
  • Weight has been moved from the crown and face to the sole of club head to achieve optimum centre of gravity positioning for lower ball spin and a higher launch angle
  • Variable Cup Face for added spring and distance
  • Confidence inspiring club head design with arrow marker on the top of the club to assist in aiming when lining up your golf ball
  • Appealing sole plate design giving the club an overall great look