Mens Odessey Works 1Wide Versa Putter Pre Hit

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    The Odyssey Works Line of putters is the newest edition to the 1# putter brand on the PGA tour. As the name states “Works” you might be thinking that it was named as such because of the tour proven designs that “work” for most golfers. The Odyssey Works line is named because of Odyssey has engineered this line with all of their most prominent innovations that have been featured in their putter lines. The newest edition to the Odyssey Works line is the Fusion RX insert. The new insert is a fusion of the extremely popular White Hot Insert and the Metal-X insert, which gives each putter the pure roll of the Metal-X and the coveted feel of the White Hot Insert. They have also integrated the popular Versa line of putters into the alignment of the works putters, which feature a high-contrast difference between the matte-black and silver gloss that is the Odyssey Works Line. The Odyssey Works Line also features Tank models for those that putt with more confidence with a counterbalance weight system.

Fusion RX InsertThe Fusion RX insert is a perfect blend of the White Hot and Metal-X inserts, designed to give players the pure roll and feel, while holing more putts.

Versa AlignmentThe Versa is tour proven system that aids in alignment, which is comprised of a high-contrast finish that inspires confidence at address but also helps in keeping the face square at impact for the best accuracy.

Tour Proven Heads#1 Wide putter is a typical blade style putter with a wider back flange area and a standard crank-neck, which is great choice for golfers of all skill levels.