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Scorecard/Phone Holder Black

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The perfect companion for all bike or motorcycle lovers.
A stand solves all problems: call, music, map, time or place, photo, navigation. Safe and secure Ultra-flexible, high-quality silicone absorbs all vibrations while providing a firm grip. Whether you are wearing it horizontally or vertically, you will never let your phone shake or drop.
All-round design Suitable for any type of bicycle, motorcycle, stroller or scooter handlebar, but can also be used in strollers or shopping carts. Even can use this holder on your car when you use your phone as the navigator. Perfect match for your phone Perfect for all smartphones with screen sizes from 4.5 inches to 6.0 inches.
No scratches Soft silicone tape will never scratch or damage expensive smartphones. Easy to install Extremely easy to mount and release the phone holder